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EscapeEC: Elevate Team Building and Fun at Eau Claire's Premier Escape Rooms

EscapeEC: Elevate Team Building and Fun at Eau Claire's Premier Escape Rooms


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Are you looking for a thrilling and unique team-building experience for your Wisconsin business group? Look no further than EscapeEC, the ultimate destination for immersive escape room adventures in Eau Claire. Whether you're seeking to enhance communication, foster collaboration, or simply have a great time with colleagues, EscapeEC offers a range of exhilarating escape rooms designed to bring out the best in your team.

Unlock the Power of Teamwork:

EscapeEC's escape rooms are not just ordinary games; they are immersive experiences that require collaboration, problem-solving, and quick thinking. In each room, players are locked in and must rely on their surroundings, wit, and teamwork to solve a series of puzzles within a time limit. The challenges are designed to test your team's ability to communicate effectively, think creatively, and work together under pressure.

Escape Room Highlights:

The Professor Part 1:

In this thrilling adventure, your team will uncover the secrets left behind by a missing archaeology professor. As her favorite students, you have the opportunity to inherit her treasure. But be quick! With only 60 minutes before her office is cleared out, your team must unravel the clues, solve puzzles, and find the treasure before it's too late. This room is ideal for groups of 2-8 players.

The Witness:

Put your team's problem-solving skills to the test in this high-stakes mission. The EC Mafia's brutal crime has been witnessed by someone who is now in grave danger. With the clock ticking, you must track down the kidnapped witness and rescue them from an airtight room with limited oxygen. Can your team save the day and bring the criminals to justice? The Witness room can accommodate larger groups of up to 12 players.


Prepare for an intense and mind-bending challenge in our newest room, Toxic. Your group finds itself trapped in a deadly game orchestrated by a cunning serial killer. Intelligence, teamwork, and bravery are the keys to survival. Can your team outsmart the killer and escape before it's too late? Toxic is a thrilling experience that will push your team's limits and leave you wanting more.

Escape Rooms for Team Building:

EscapeEC provides an ideal setting for businesses to foster teamwork, enhance communication, and develop problem-solving skills among their employees. The immersive and challenging nature of escape rooms naturally encourages collaboration and encourages individuals to utilize their strengths. By working together to overcome obstacles, teams can build trust, improve communication, and develop effective strategies. EscapeEC's rooms cater to groups of all sizes, ensuring an engaging and inclusive experience for your business team.

Join EscapeEC in Eau Claire:

EscapeEC is proud to serve the Wisconsin community as the go-to destination for thrilling escape room adventures. Located in Eau Claire, our facilities offer state-of-the-art escape rooms designed to deliver an unparalleled experience for families, gamers, students, and businesses alike. Unleash your potential, strengthen your bonds, and create lasting memories with EscapeEC.

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